Outdoor Master Sling Backpack For You Who Damn Love Backpacking

sling backpackIf you are kind of a person who loves to travel or backpack, you surely need some fashionable bag to carry all your stuffs. Some people use their own knapsack and it might look too big for traveling. In this regard, what you really need to bring is the outdoor master sling backpack that suits for your outdoor activities with good features.

This bag is specifically designed for those who do not like to be complicated in fashion or everything in dealing with. With the simple design and the color availability that includes grey, black, dark blue and green, this cross body sling bag is suitable both for men and women. Just pick one of the most favorite colors of the outdoor master sling bag that suits to your desire.

Thing you need to know is that even though this bag looks so small, the outdoor master sling bag has some interesting features with spacious pocket inside. In specific, this bag is made of a lightweight canvas that resembles to polyester materials. What you can carry inside the pack is some daily stuff as you travel such as iPad, camera and small laptop with 12 inches in size.

In attempt to hinder the theft, the outdoor master sling bag is also featured by hidden anti-theft pocket that you can use to save your money. In addition, if you like to carry drinking water bottle, you can carry it in the external water holder in one side.

Unlike any other sling bags that you are commonly found in the shop, the outdoor master sling bag is featured by the reversible softly padded shoulder strap direction so that if your one shoulder feels so weary, you can change it in term of its position. With the weigh around 1 pounds, this sling bag has the size with 18.9 inches in height, 12.6 inches in large and 4,0 inches in width. In the back side, you will discover the breathable ribbon that functions as reducing the sweat and enhance the comfort as you carry it during the outdoor activities.

As you live in Indonesia, you may be happy since the outdoor master sling bag is also delivered to Indonesia so that you will not get confused on how to carry the stuffs as you are doing outdoor activities. Grab the chance to buy the bag right now and shop in the official site like Amazon. With this modern sling backpack, you will enjoy your day.

– Weight: 1 pounds
– Dimension: 18.9 inches (H) x 12.6 inches (L) x 4.0 inches (W)
– Available Colors: Black, Gray, Dark Blue & Green
– Can hold iPad or laptop up to 12″

Package Includes:
– 1 x OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

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Versatile & compact backpack – Perfect as city daypack and for traveling as carry on luggage.

Made of a lightweight canvas like polyester material & featuring a spacious main pocket, this bag can hold a camera, iPad or a small laptop computer (up to 12″).

The perfect pack for both lefties & righties with reversible large, softly padded shoulder strap.

This bag features several smart organizer pockets, such as a hidden anti-theft pocket & a external water bottle holder.

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sling backpack

sling backpack

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